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Comparing Steroids and Orthobiologics
Historically, veterinarians have treated lameness in competition horses by injecting steroids into their joints and soft tissues. Repeated use of steroids, however, can be detrimental to cartilage and subchondral bone healing. Steroids do not address the root cause of joint disease. Therefore, the pain-relieving properties of steroids can improve clinical symptoms without always resolving the underlying issue, potentially concealing musculoskeletal injuries. The result may be overuse of a pain-free joint, which can worsen injuries.

Eager to advance the health and well-being of our horses, the veterinarian community has begun to reconsider the use of steroids and to implement treatments that are more considerate of horses’ longevity. Namely, veterinarians have started to inject horses’ joints and soft tissues with blood-derived products called orthobiologics. The most popular of these products is platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a treatment that promotes healing and reduces inflammation by delivering high amounts of growth factors to the injury site. Growth factors initiate the healing process, attract stem cells, stimulate the growth of connective tissue, and create new blood vessels which bring nutrients and oxygen into the injury site. Unlike steroids, PRP heals the joint and thus addresses the underlying issue, offering a safer, long-term approach.

Advancing Orthobiologics
Although PRP has become popular in the showjumping and dressage communities, its efficacy varies significantly. This is because there is currently no standardization of the type, platelet concentration, and injection method of equine PRP. Pegasus Orthobiologics addresses the critical problem of inconsistent and low-efficacy PRP by processing blood samples with a method that standardizes the leukocyte and platelet concentrations and guarantees extremely low red and white blood cell counts. Our groundbreaking technology also allows us to tailor the platelet concentration to the specific joint being treated. Consequently, Pegasus delivers high-efficacy PRP, transforming what can be a hit-or-miss therapy into a consistently effective and standardized treatment. 

We are driven by a profound respect for our equine partners and a dedication to their long-term health. Our commitment to advancing equine welfare is at the heart of everything we do. Beyond developing innovative PRP solutions, we actively engage in continuous research and development to pioneer new and improved treatment methodologies. By collaborating with leading veterinarians and equine health experts, we strive to set new benchmarks in equine therapy and elevate the standards of care for all horses.


Innovative Therapies Tailored for
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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) & Platelet-Poor Plasma (PPP)

PRP is an orthobiologic that concentrates the growth factors in your horse's own blood to promote healing and reduce inflammation. The high concentration of growth factors––such as TGF-β, PDGF, EGF, VEGF, and FGF–– initiates the healing process, attracts stem cells, stimulates the growth of connective tissue, and creates new blood vessels, which bring nutrients and oxygen into the injury site. Our PRP is leukocyte-reduced, with a standardized platelet concentration based on the joint being injected, and contains minimal red and white blood cells. After manufacturing PRP, we are left with PPP, which also contains significant amounts of anti-inflammatory cytokines and can be used for the local treatment of joints, tendons, and muscles. Using a state-of-the-art analyzer, we verify the blood’s composition before returning it to veterinarians for injection, ensuring optimal treatment quality. We streamline the process for veterinarians: simply deliver two 60 mL syringes (55 mL of blood and 5 mL of ACDA) to us. Within hours, we prepare four 5 mL syringes of PRP and four 5 mL syringes of PPP. These syringes can be frozen and used at a later time.

Autologous-Conditioned Serum (ACS)

ACS is an orthobiologic that concentrates the regenerative and anti-inflammatory proteins in your horse's own blood to manage pain and inflammation. A key clinical application for ACS is osteoarthritis. Our ACS is rich in Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist (IL-1Ra), which inhibits the harmful effects of IL-1, the key cytokine involved in joint disease. Pegasus will provide veterinarians with 500 mL bags for sampling blood. Within days of receiving a bag of blood, we will deliver veterinarians forty 4 mL syringes of ACS. Similar to our PRP, our ACS can be frozen and used at a later time.

Cytokine Profile

Pegasus’ team is developing technology that will allow us to measure the unique cytokine and growth factor levels in your horse’s blood. These data will empower you and your veterinarian to better understand the optimal, individualized dosage of orthobiologics for your horse.

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